All You Need to Know about the Skills4u 6-Month Fellowship Program.

About Event

Join us for an insightful awareness event shedding light on the Skills4u 6-Month
Volunteering Program, now titled as the Skills4u Fellowship Program. Discover how you can
contribute to a meaningful cause, enhance your skills, and make a positive impact on the

Event Agenda?

During the 1 hour event we will talk about

Introduction to the Skills4u Fellowship Program

Uncover the transformative journey that awaits you in the Skills4u Fellowship Program. Learn about the program's mission, values, and the impact it has on both volunteers and the community.

Fellowship Program Tasks and Responsibilities

Explore the diverse tasks and responsibilities that fellows undertake during their 6-month journey. From community engagement to skill development, discover how you can contribute your unique talents.

Networking and Professional Development:

Explore the networking opportunities and professional development aspects embedded in the fellowship program. Discover how collaboration and skill enhancement go hand in hand.

Impactful Content Sharing

Dive into the significance of sharing digital content on Skills4u's platforms. Learn how your contributions can amplify the reach of valuable information and inspire positive change.

Earning Opportunities Through Course Promotion

Understand how fellows can actively promote Skills4u courses within their communities. Explore the commission-based earning opportunities available, making your volunteering experience even more rewarding.

About Speaker

Abdul Moiz, a dedicated Industrial Engineer, Project Manager, and Entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in education, marketing, and ecommerce. Founder of start-ups like Tutors Gateway, Skills4u, Zoim, and Waakhly, recognized with multiple entrepreneurship awards. Holds a Master’s in Project Management from the University of Portsmouth.

Moiz is a dynamic professional with a background in Industrial Engineering and Project Management, complemented by an entrepreneurial spirit. With a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors including education, marketing, and e-commerce, Moiz has demonstrated versatility and adaptability in his career.

His entrepreneurial journey, which began in 2018, has seen the establishment of several successful startups, including Tutors Gateway, Skills4u, Zumy, and Waakhly. Moiz’s endeavors in entrepreneurship have garnered him numerous accolades, showcasing his innovative thinking and business acumen. Notably, he has been recognized with multiple prestigious awards in the field of entrepreneurship.

Moiz’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development is evident through his participation in esteemed programs such as the Founder Institute Program and the incubation-acceleration program at the National Incubation Centre in Peshawar, Pakistan. Furthermore, his recent completion of the 6-month Forward Program at McKinsey & Company reflects his dedication to gaining insights into global management practices.

With a passion for strategic management, event management, and business development, Moiz actively contributes to the Association of Project Management, South East Branch, where he has served as a voluntary member for the past two years. Through his involvement, Moiz has organized and facilitated numerous webinars, sessions, and conferences, showcasing his leadership and organizational skills.

Moiz is not only proficient in managing projects and businesses but also excels in public speaking. His articulate communication style and engaging presence make him a sought-after speaker at both national and international events. Moiz’s contributions to public speaking extend beyond physical engagements, as evidenced by his active presence on LinkedIn, where he shares insights, experiences, and expertise in this domain.

Why Attend?

Discover the Skills4u Fellowship Experience

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fellowship program's structure, goals, and the impact you can make.

Earning Opportunities

Learn about commission-based earnings through course promotion, providing a unique financial incentive for your active participation

Networking and Professional Growth

Uncover how Skills4u's fellowship program nurtures both personal and professional development through networking and skill-building opportunities.

Community Impact

Understand the positive ripple effect your contributions can have on communities, emphasizing the real-world impact of the fellowship program


Date: 03/05/2024


Time: 9pm to 10pm PST


Online Via ZOOM

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