This training boot camp is one of its kind which is completely different from other training programs in this domain. It’s a two month training program, first month is extensive learning month in which students will learn about a specific course they have selected.In the second month the selected students will get one month internship opportunity in a organization. Not just this but this training program will have entrepreneurial sessions in every week. The details about training program are followed

Learning Month

The first month of Tutors Gateway training program is named as Learning Month in this month enrolled students will completely learn about the specific course they have selected. There will be 4 classes in a week (Monday – Thursday). Each class time will be 1 Hour/day.90 % attendance in course classes is mandatory. The students will be given assignments on weekly basis that should be submitted in the given time frame, (no assignments will be accepted after the time exceeded) each assignment carries 10 marks. At the end of course there will be a test from each student in the course they have learned in the month. Test carries 50 marks. Course completion certificates will be awarded to students.

Internship Month

The second month is the month of internship in this month the qualify students will get internship in different organizations including (private companies, service-product based firms, software houses, schools and construction companies). The organizations will awarded certificate to the students after ending of internship period. Certificate of internship will be awarded to internees by the company.The eligibility criteria for these internships is follows

  • 90 % attendence in course classes is manadatory( means in 16 classes students can take only 2 holidays)
  • Weekly assignments should be completed and submitted in the allocated time frame (no assignments will be accepted after the time exceded).
  • At the end of course there will be a test from each students in the course they have learned in the month.
  • The average of attendace,assignments and test will be calculated and those students who scored 75% or more then that out of 100% will be eligible for the internship and they will be awarded with internship.

Entrepreneurship Sessions

On the weekend Tutors Gateway will organize one day entrepreneurship session on every week of training program. Different entrepreneurs will be invited to give a talk on entrepreneurship to our program students to guide them what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how the Pakistan entrepreneurship ecosystem looks like. Students have the opportunity to network with the renowned entrepreneurs and learn from there entrepreneurial journey to start there own.

Training BootCamp Perks

Hey, you all boss students!

“Fill your summer with learning that leads to earning”.

Skills4U Bootcamp training perks will help you to get practical hands-on learning on skill and will help to lead you to an expert of that skill.