Unveiling Success: A Digital Marketer's Journey & Insights.

About Event:

Join us for an inspiring session as we uncover the journey to success with our esteemed speaker, a seasoned digital marketer and entrepreneur. In this exclusive event, our speaker will share firsthand insights into entrepreneurship and startup ventures, delving into the challenges and triumphs along the way. Discover the secrets behind her digital marketing success as she reveals strategies for building a customer base both locally and internationally. Gain valuable knowledge on navigating the unique ecosystem of Peshawar and adapting strategies for maximum impact.

Event Agenda

During the 1 hour event we will talk about…

Career Journey (4+ Years as a WordPress Developer):

Explore the speaker's 4+ years as a Digital Marketer, unveiling key experiences, challenges, and lessons learned.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends:

Dive into the cutting-edge trends shaping Digital Marketing in 2024, from design aesthetics to functionalities.

Client Onboarding Evolution:

Understand the evolving client onboarding process in Digital Marketing and strategies to enhance client satisfaction

Entrepreneurial Journey

Gain insights of her entrepreneurial journey in leading a digital startup in Peshawar.

Learning Opportunities in Digital Marketing Career:

Discover diverse learning avenues within the Digital Marketing ecosystem for all skill levels.

About Host

Abdul Moiz, a dedicated Industrial Engineer, Project Manager, and Entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in education, marketing, and ecommerce. Founder of start-ups like Tutors Gateway, Skills4u, Zoim, and Waakhly, recognized with multiple entrepreneurship awards. Holds a Master’s in Project Management from the University of Portsmouth. Recently completed McKinsey & Company’s 6-month Forward Program, specializing in strategic management, event management, and business development. Active volunteer member of the Association of Project Management, South East Branch.

About Speaker

I’m Zunaira Rehman, a Software Engineering graduate from Islamia University Peshawar. While my initial studies were in engineering, for the past 4+ years, I’ve actively pursued a career in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

My entrepreneurial spirit led me to start my own business, “Zonis Collection,” at the young age of 19. After graduation, I further expanded my experience by founding “Digital Aspire,” a digital marketing company. Through these ventures, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver numerous projects for both international and local clients.

I’m confident that my combined skillset in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and software engineering could provide valuable insights for attendees at the Skills4U event. I’m eager to share my experiences and connect with others who share a passion for these fields.

Why Attend?

Expert Insights

Gain invaluable insights from a seasoned Digital Marketing developer with over 6 years of industry experience.


Stay updated on the latest Digital Marketing trends and technologies influencing the industry in 2024.

Career Guidance

Receive practical advice on navigating a successful career as a Digital Marketing and understanding client needs. Networking: Connect with industry professionals, expand your network, and engage in meaningful discussions.


Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your Marketing skills, gain career insights, and connect with industry professionals. Reserve your spot now for a deep dive into mastering Digital Marketing in 2024!

Interactive Q&A

Have your questions answered during the interactive Q&A session with our distinguished speaker. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your Digital Marketing skills, gain career insights, and connect with industry professionals.


Date: 14/05/2024


Time: 9pm to 10pm PST


Online Via ZOOM

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