Skills4U is a great platform for people who want to make things happen and achieve their career goals. Skills4U provides both Online and Physical courses in many different tech fields. It’s easy enough that even beginners can take advantage!

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Whether you're looking into learning something new and interesting, you'll find what suits you best here at Skills4U Platform.

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Our Skillful Story!

Our journey started back in 2019 when Moiz & Sheeri, an education enthusiasts saw that their are many opportunities for jobs, freelancing or business but skilled people are rare. So, we worked on providing best trainers with practical hands on trainings.
Ever since we are now a team of 10+ experts who work in bringing top-notch tech & soft skills including arts for students of Pakistan. Get Yourself Skilled Now!

Skills4U conducted its biggest training Bootcamp 2019 in Peshawar with over 100+ students creating 70+ internships and in 2020 even due to COVID-19 we didn’t stop students from learning. We conducted online bootcamp with online internships. Bootcamp 2021 also, Now, this summer skills4U is launching its bootcamp 4th edition (Skills4u Summer Training Bootcamp 2022) in Peshawar, Islamabad and Rawalpindi with 10+ top tech skills courses and will be creating 200+ internships leading to job opportunities both on online and offline medium. So don’t waste your summer holidays avail this exciting opportunity to utilize their summer holidays in learning and getting internship experience with our Project Based Learning (PBL) Courses.

How Can We Grow Your Business Together?

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Our Reviews



Sheeri Uruba

Sheeri Uruba is a techno freak, an entrepreneur and a graduate in computer science. Sheeri has full faith in the life changing abilities of technology. She went to China for ICT training by Huawei seeds for the future program. Sheeri is a developer and a tech enthusiast dedicated to changing the pace of accessing solutions effectively through technology.

Abdul Moiz

Moiz belong from the city of flowers- Peshawar. He is an Industrial Engineer by profession, business, planner-strategist-marketer-content creator by work and entrepreneur by HEART. Moiz won different competitions and awards such as the Social Entrepreneur award by Australian High Commission.

Syed Kaleem Ullah

Kaleem is our sales and marketing enthusiast. He has worked in different organizations dealing from finance to marketing and sales. From IRC NJO, Star International Trader to Tutors Gateway Kaleem has proved his skills in different organization and he believes in taking Skills4U in a way that brings tremendous changes to students career in national level.